SolidWorks simulation of AggieSat4 on orbit, courtesy of Andrew Shell

Current AggieSat4 Team Leads and Members:

AggieSat4 Team Leads and Members.
System / Subsystem Full Name Major Role
AggieSat Lab Tucker, Andrew Aerospace Engineering (BS December 2012, pursuing MS) Chief Engineer
AggieSat4 Destain, Adelin Aerospace Engineering Project Manager
Singletary, Robert Electrical Engineering Chief Electrical Engineer
McDonald, Mitchel Aerospace Engineering Student Organization President
Cooper, Jake Mechanical Engineering Media / Public Relations / Facebook
Becklund, Dexter Aerospace Engineering Media / Public Relations / Facebook
ADCS - Attitude Determination and Control McDonald, Mitchel Aerospace Engineering Lead
Tucker, Andrew MS student, Aerospace Engineering Graduate Mentor
Salinas, Sig Aerospace Engineering Member
Holm, Andy Aerospace Engineering Member
CDH - Command and Data Handling Destain, Adelin Aerospace Engineering Lead
Taylor, Jordan Aerospace Engineering Member
COMM - Communications Tucker, Andrew Aerospace Engineering Graduate Lead, Ground Station
Probe, Austin Aerospace Engineering Graduate Lead, On-board
Becker, Mason Computer Science and Engineering Member
Campbell, Ryan Electrical and Computer Engineering Member
Dorf, Andrew Aerospace Engineering Member
Gaertner, Michael Computer Science and Engineering Member
Witowski, Garrett Electrical and Computer Engineering Member
EPS - Electrical Power SystemsSingletary, Robert Electrical and Computer Engineering Lead
OPS - Operations Ghan, Daniel Aerospace Engineering Lead
Gilbert, Michelle Aerospace Engineering Member
Nedelea, Eugen Aerospace Engineering Member
Sigler, Harold Aerospace Engineering Member
SMTRS - Structures, Mechanisms, Thermal, Radiation Cooper, Jake Mechanical Engineering Lead
Becklund, Dexter Aerospace Engineering Member
Burner, Cooper General Member
Hutson, Alex Aerospace Engineering Member
Hunt, Tanner Aerospace Engineering Member
Levine, Seth Aerospace Engineering Member
Olinger, Angela Mechanical Engineering Member

Our undergraduate students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Any student from any major is welcome to join - you do need to be a U.S. citizen. Engineering, science, and business students have worked together to transform concepts, designs, and dreams into real orbiting space systems. Each team member is vital to the success of the program and, over the course of his/her involvement with AggieSat Lab, has the unique opportunity to become a well-rounded professional.

Each student has the opportunity to expand his/her skill set while working on different parts of a satellite, from electrical power systems and software coding, to structural design, controls, propulsion, communications, science instruments, and beyond. Students are strongly encouraged to venture from the comfort of their majors and try new areas.  This gives students an appreciation for the need for multiple disciplines to create a system.  In the process, students learn systems engineering and industry practices, and create new and novel technologies to advance present and future space systems in partnership with NASA,  other government agencies, and aerospace-related companies with which AggieSat Lab works on a daily basis.  The Lab also provides an environment in which students are encouraged to apply their classroom knowledge to hardware that will eventually fly in space. Students can then translate that practical experience directly back into their courses as they begin to understand the ramifications of their classroom material.

We expect that new people to the program will have little to no experience. Although working with satellites can be intimidating to new students, AggieSat Lab provides an environment in which those who are interested can interact with more experienced members and expand their knowledge and skill set. All we ask is that you take initiative, be creative, and work together as a team!

Contributions Also By:

Professional contributors to AggieSat Lab
Project Full Name Position
AggieSat4, AggieSat2 Huff, Dr. Gregory Professor, Electrical Engineering
AggieSat4 Drummond, Frank Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering
AggieSat4 Rolando, David Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering
AggieSat2 Wright, Dr. Stephen Professor, Electrical Engineering
AggieSat2 Stephen Long Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering
AggieSat2 Sean Goldberger Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering

AggieSat Lab has also worked with electrical engineering professors Dr. Stephen Wright and Dr. Gregory Huff and graduate students Stephen Long and Sean Goldberger for antenna design and implementation for AggieSat2. Their experience and participation has been invaluable for the successful delivery of the AggieSat2 spacecraft. They generously devoted time and access to facilities to design both flight antennas for AggieSat2 including the actual antenna design work, electromagnetic analysis tools, anechoic chambers, and measurement equipment.

Texas A&M Student Participants since the Beginning in 2005:

Student contributors to AggieSat Lab since 2005
Full Name
Agredano, Marco
Aguilar, Gabriel
Aldridge, Casey
Alfano, David
Allison, Noel
Aly, David
Amimur, Amnay
Anderson, Steven
Annis, Emery (University of Houston, since Summer 2014)
Arnold, Andra
Arreola, Anastacio
Asazuma, Taro
Ashley IV,  Frank
Atkinson, Grant
Atkinson, Sarah
Avedillo, Sergio
Ayoob, Alexander
Babb, Michael
Baker, Brandon
Baker, Mark
Barrera, Eric
Barrientes, Christian
Bates, Travis
Beck, James “Stan”
Becker, Mason
Becklund, Dexter
Beetge, Karel
Berglund, Anna
Bernhart, Ben
Berry, Sean
Bertinato, Christopher
Bertsch, Christopher
Betts, Hutson
Betts (Carlson), Veronica
Bitencourt, Evelyn
Bordovsky, Brandon
Brabec, Anthony
Brashear, John
Brister, Ryan
Brown, Amanda
Brown, Andrew
Buchanan, Spencer
Burner, Cooper
Cadigan, Maura
Cain, Charles
Cain, Jeremy
Calzada, Ramon
Campbell, Ryan
Canchola, Silverio
Canto, Glenn
Carpenter, Will
Carranza, Oscar
Cederberg, Chris
Chang, Christopher
Charles, Kristen
Cheek, Jeff
Chilson, Jocelyn
Collins, Amanda
Colunga, Aaron
Cook, Erika
Cooley, Jace
Cooper, Jake
Cooper, Seth
Cornell, Stephen
Cossette, Jacki
Council, Kelley
Cox, Sheldon
Dalglish, Shawn
Daniel, Jessica
Dansereau, David
Darrow, David
Davis, Jeremy
Debrecht, Trevor
Destain, Adelin
Diaz, Roland
Dickens, James
Dillon, Kaycee
Doebbler, James
Donnellan, Quentin
Dorf, Andrew
Dorman, Patrick
Duelm, Anthony
Dwyer, David
Dykes, Garrett
Ede, Emeka
Eichelman, Johnathan
Ellsworth, Michael
Eustace, Makiah
Evans, Erik
Failor, Michael
Felderhoff, James
Fichuk, Jessica
Files, Jason
Fink, Tyler
Fisher, Gerald
Flaherty, Brittney (Volunteer from SUNY Orange in Middletown, NY. Summer 2012)
Fleming, Logan
Flores, Nick
Folz, Patrick
Foster, Matthew
Funderburgh, Andrew
Gaertner, Cameron
Gaertner Michael
Galli, Adam
Garay, Robert
Garcia, Chris
Gardner, Anthony
Gerlich, Sam
Ghan, Daniel
Gilbert, Michelle
Gilliam, Steven
Gnaedinger, Erik
Goodnight, Ryan
Graves, John
Gray, Thomas
Green, Brandon
Grimaldo, Pedro
Guzman, Marco
Hafer, William
Hancock, Ryan
Hardison, Brette
Hardy, Ben
Hasan, Hyder
Hatherill, Lucy
Henderson, Whitney
Henley, Matthew
Henwood, Matt
Hernandez, Harry
Hernandez, Rene
Ho, Jeff
Hoff, Austin
Hollingsworth, Neal
Hollister, Jacob
Holm, Andy
Hom, Scott
Hopkins, Philip
House, Daniel
Hunt, Tanner
Husain, Riaz
Hutson, Alex
Iglesias, Gerardo
Itkoe, Zachary
Jacob, Stanley
Jenkins, Amanda
Jennings, Jeremy (Josh)
Johnson, Doug
Johnson, Nathaniel
Johnson, Todd
Joiner, Travis
Jones, Alan
Jung, Thomas
Kacal, Brian
Keef, David
Kelm, Jonathan
Khalil, Bishop
Kiertscher, Alex
Kilpatrick, Kristen
Knapek, Aaron
Krause, Daniel
Landivar, Micaela
Lane, Patrick
Lang, Russell
Langley, Austin
Leeth, Parker
Levine, Seth
Ligon, Maggie
Liu, Mathew
Llamo-Cohen, Zakary
Lo, Jeffrey
Loftin, Scott
Long, Mai
Lucas, Paul
Lum, Nathaniel
Maeland, Lasse
Maguire, Christopher
Malone, Lisa
Mansur, Ethan
Marek, Jeffery
Margulieux, Richard
Marquez, Jesse
Marshall, Gabby
Mathew, Jeffy
May, Jimmy
Mayo, John
McAfee, Logan
McCaskill, Sam
McCrory, Chris
McDonald, Mitchel
McEntire, Hayden
McGee, Zachory
McGuire, Joseph
McLelland, Angela
McNeil, Brian (University of Houston, since Summer 2014)
McNeill, Andrew
Medellin, Abel
Michaels, Sarah
Miller, Kyle
Monschke, Jason
Moon, Ryan
Morales, Benjamin
Morand, Nicholas
Morelli, Franco
Morris, Cameron
Mullen, Daniel
Mutschler, Samuel
Muzny, Monica
Myers, Marilee
Myers, Storm
Neal, Zach
Neale, Tyler (USRG from Louisiana Tech)
Nedelea, Eugen
Nelson, Matt
Nemec, Daniel
Nemec, Michael
Newton, Lindsay
Nguyen, Bob
Nichols, Cody
Nichols, Jonathan
Ochoa, Manuel
Olinger, Angela
Olivares, Joe
Osgood, Elizabeth
Owen, Trevor
Oyler, Dave
Paredes, Roger
Partal, Zachary
Peavy, Kyle
Peirson, Nate
Phan, Joseph
Phillips, Colin
Pineda, Sebastian
Pitts, Nicholas
Pollok, Travis
Poppenhusen, Travis
Powell, Aaron
Probe, Austin
Quinones, Caleb
Ramer, Jeff
Ramirez, Roger
Ravenscroft, Travis
Rawson, Ian
Reams, Randall
Reeves, Benjamin
Reid, Jack
Roben, Miles
Roberts, Chris
Rocha, Felix
Ross, James
Ross, Ruth
Russell, Celeste
Ryan, Tim
Sakovich, Clare
Salazar, Guillermo
Salgado, Uziel
Salinas III, Sigifredo
Sandals, Floyd
Sandell, Jonathan
Santoyo, Cesar (USRG from University of Florida, Summer 2013)
Schattenberg, Paul
Scher, Samantha
Schettek, Eric
Schneider, Joel
Schneider, Katherine
Sewell, Rebecca
Shannon, Don
Shaw, Jacob
Shell, Andrew
Shuffield, Bradley
Shumpert, Sean
Sigler, Harold
Silverman, Tim
Singletary, Robert
Smith, Aaron
Smith, Jeremy
Smith, Michael
Smith, Roy
Smith, Steven
Snowden, Patrick
Sonneveldt, Bryan (USRG from Arizona State University, Summer 2013)
Speer-Manson, University of Houston, since Fall 2014
Spratling, Ben
Stancliffe, Devin
Stein, Chris
Stein, William
Stephens, Sam
Stoller, Scott
Strittmatter, Derek
Stuckenschneider, Scott
Sunberg, Zachery
Taghavi, Austin
Taghavi, Travis
Taylor, Jordan
Thiel, Alyssa
Thompson, Tracey
Tucker, Andrew
Turner, Jennifer
Underwood, Dennis
Vasquez, Andrew
Velasquez, Albert
Walker, Michael
Wang, Chuchen
Ward, DeAndre
Warner, Jonathan
Wear, Joshua
Wilhite, Jacob
Wilkinson, Craig (USRG from Wichita State University, Summer 2013)
Willis, George
Winston, Garrett
Witowski, Garrett
Woodbury, Timothy
Zaidi, Daanish (Volunteer from University of Connecticut, Summer 2013)
Zamarron, Oscar
Zhong, Frank
Zukowski, Zachary

Since its beginning at Texas A&M in March 2005, students from 19 different majors have contributed to the missions of AggieSat Lab, including from:

Engineering: Aerospace, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, Technology

Business: Accounting, Marketing,  Education, Finance,  Management, Information Systems

Business: Administration

Sciences: Math, Physics, Biology

Sociology, History

Student Volunteeers