Getting Involved with AggieSat for both Students and the Community at Large

AggieSat Lab is a diverse student organization that is continually looking for student participants of all majors, both undergraduate and graduate to work on its satellite programs. If you are a U.S. Citizen, and a student at Texas A&M of any major, please contact us below and one of our students will contact you about how to get started with AggieSat Lab.

AggieSat Lab serves as a source of pride for Texas A&M, and has diverse relationships with individuals in the community, former students, federal agencies and industry at large and has received gracious support from many. If you wish to make inquiries or have ideas for ways to participate, please just let us know. Contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Helen Reed via the contact page.

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Participation for Students

You will have the opportunity to work with classmates and peers from many backgrounds and experience levels at Texas A&M. Any student from any major (undergraduate or graduate student) is welcome to join - you do need to be a U.S. citizen per Federal law. Engineering, science, and business students have worked together to transform concepts, designs, and dreams into real orbiting space systems. Each team member is vital to the success of the program and, over the course of his/her involvement with AggieSat Lab, has the unique opportunity to become a well-rounded professional.

We expect that new people to the program will have little to no experience. Although working with satellites can be intimidating to new students, AggieSat Lab provides an environment in which those who are interested can interact with more experienced members and expand their knowledge and skill set. All we ask is that you take initiative, be creative, and work together as a team!

Typically, undergraduate lab members work 10-15 hours per week on lab specific problems and projects. AggieSat Lab requires dedication and quality work but is extremely rewarding. The lab provides learning experiences complementing those in the classroom and helps prepare Texas A&M students to be leaders in business and industry.

Participation for the Community, Former Students, Federal Agencies and Industry

AggieSat Lab is always willing to provide information on our activities, give private lab tours, and travel to give full presentations to those interested. During the academic year and in the summer, the students have enjoyed giving presentations to Texas A&M classes, student organizations, industry and government professionals (both formal and informal), local community organizations, and K-12 schools, on topics ranging from the detailed specifics of an ongoing mission design to what it is like to live in space to how one builds a rocket.

Also AggieSat Lab depends entirely on external funding, and the Lab is grateful to donors, sponsors, partners, and friends to help make its student experiences possible. Please see our Supporters page.


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